Day 15 65 Poses Challenge

Well, it definitely wasn’t a lazy Sunday for me. I got up pretty early (for me) and started working right after I got up. I can’t wait to tell you what I’m up to. I will tell you this, it has something to do with my writing today. My writing asks for my dream in life and I am working on one of them currently. I was busy with that all day, then did some sewing, cooking, and cleaning. Those are just everyday things though. I wonder how much more people are cooking at home right now? We always cook dinners and lunches, I would say 13 out of 14 days at least. In that way things haven’t changed that much for us. I enjoy cooking if I have all the stuff and some idea of what to cook. I really enjoy cooking asian foods, I love their flavors. I’m not sure why I’m talking about food.

I think sticking with yoga has been good for me. I’ve been feeling so much better. I still feel pretty terrible when I wake up. I have horrible headaches from my sinuses and my neck, but after taking tylenol, putting heat on it, and stretching it out I can usually make it through the day without having to lay down. That’s a huge improvement from just a few weeks ago. I go in another couple of weeks to get botox in my head and neck to hopefully help with the tension headaches. My surgeon also talked about fixing my deviated septum so maybe my sinus headaches would be better longer term. I’ve been thinking about it. I’m going to see how well the botox works first. It would be a miracle to not have headaches everyday.

I think I mentioned yesterday that my ankles have been hurting, I put on compression socks yesterday and wrapped them inside my sneakers and they were bearable to walk on. Today I just did compression socks and sneakers and they hurt a little more, but today for some reason my knees also started hurting. They’re not swollen or red, but there is a little bruising on the front part of my ankle. It’s so strange. I used to have CF related arthritis and I would wake up before or after rain and all of my joints would ache, but I started taking prednisone for it a few years ago and it got better. I’m still on prednisone because of my transplant so that hasn’t really been an issue for awhile. That’s sort of what it feels like though.

Let’s get on to yoga. Today’s pose was Dancer Pose (Natarajasana). It’s a really beautiful pose when executed correctly, which I didn’t do too well. It was kind of tricky for me. I practiced it off and on throughout the day getting ready to take some photos of it. My room wasn’t big enough to get a good pic so I had Jobe take some photos of me again outside. It was cold today though. I got a couple of photos, but I can’t hold the pose for very long. There are some pretty decent photos of me falling, I might post one.


My writing prompt today asks about my goals and dreams. I have two dreams in life, to write a best selling novel and to travel the US and the world. This yoga challenge has been great for me to just get back into writing a little bit as well. I’m mostly treating it like a journal, but writing is writing and therefore practice. It helps me figure out how to put words together easier, a good writing flow really helps the quality of my writing. The easier and quicker I can get into that flow, the more quality material I get. I know these writings aren’t super exciting, but like I said practice doesn’t need to be super exciting. The second part of my writing prompt asked what I could do today to help work towards my dreams. Writing is setting a goal that works towards my dream of writing a book. To work toward my other goal, I actually worked on today too. However, I’m still not ready to share. Just know it has something to do with traveling! I want so badly to see all the national parks in this country. Even if I can see a few of them I’ll be happy! What are your goals and dreams? Do your dreams differ from your goals and if so, why? It’s important to identify what you always wanted most out of life and break it down into small goals to make the dream achievable. All things in life can happen if we work hard enough, I truly do believe that.

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