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Day 14 65 Poses Challenge

Well, I’m 2/3 the way there on my challenge. Not very consistent, I decided to start taking dialysis days off from exercise. I am too exhausted after the procedure of dialysis, it’s like your body running a marathon for a few hours. So I’m doing my best and not getting upset when I need a day off. From either writing, yoga, or social media, sometimes I need a break. There is so much going on in the world right now, it’s such an angry and scary place. Everyone is very stressed out and emotions are high. Like I’ve said before, this was a time for me to focus and work on myself. It has been really good for me. Today was a decent day, we accomplished quite a bit around here. However, I haven’t been able to put much weight on my ankles the last two days, they’ve been getting worse. I had to keep them wrapped all day today. Overall I am feeling better though.

Tomorrow I might take an easy day, Sundays tend to be the only days off around here… if there even is a day. We try to stay busy and there are tons of housing projects that always need to get done. My grandfather has had a really bad back for years and the last couple of days he’s been having a hard time moving around. We’ve been trying to help out as much as we can. I like it because it keeps my mind methodically busy and gives me small goals to accomplish throughout the day or week. I enjoy having a goal, it gives my life more purpose.

Today I did yoga throughout the day. I sat on the floor for several hours working on craft projects and did lots of twists, neck rolls, cat-cows, deep breathing, etc. It feels nice to stretch out your back when you are sitting still. My pose for today was Tree Pose (Vrikasana). I do feel grounded during this pose, focusing on balance and breath. My writing prompt asks what keeps me centered and grounded off the mat? I think my family helps center and ground me. They are certainly the most humbling of people to keep around. They’re brutally honest with me and each other so it helps me stay in my place and stay grounded. My health keeps me centered on what’s important. Which is staying healthy and to keep on living.

It’s important in life to identify what’s most important to you. Mine are to keep my son happy, help my family, show people love, and live life through lots of experiences. To focus on what’s important helps you know where to focus your energy. Just like in tree post we have to focus on our center to keep us standing, in life we have to focus on our center to keep us happy. Love and happiness are the most important emotions for me. I want to show people we each have it within our power to be the people we want, acknowledge the good, and stay positive through the bad. You got this life, it’s too short to spend it doing things that make you unhappy.

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