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Day 12 65 Poses Yoga Challenge

Today was another good day. I’ve been staying off fb and my mental health has been so much improved! I went on a little bit earlier and liked some things and ignored anything negative. I don’t care what side it’s from, I skipped over it. I’m taking my advice from yesterday, no judgement, letting it go, staying sane. The last couple of days I have been working on a secret project. Nothing super exciting, but I’m not ready to share yet. Hopefully by early next week I can share. It’s keeping me mentally and physically busy, I need that. I hate not working for so many reasons, but having nothing to do is one of the major ones. No goals or anything make life a dull place, so this has been good for me. I’m feeling better overall too. I really think my kidneys are working better. I made a telehealth visit with my nephrologist in Boston for next week. I’ll talk with them and know more after. Hopefully I will get more good news.

My pose today is Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana). This pose was a little tricky for me to get into and hold. Especially for a picture. I do all of my picture on a ten second timer so sometimes I’m just getting settled in, or I fall at the right time, or I’ve been holding it for nine seconds. I do the best I can, it’s hard to take photos while exercising. My arms aren't very flexible to put behind me either, that's something I definitely need to work on. My belly has been better off and on over the last few days, but folding over with it is never super easy. It gets pushed up and then makes it hard to breathe. I just started a new medication for it though, we’ll see if it helps. I really hope it does. It would be so nice to not deal with anymore.

My writing prompt today is about humility. This was a difficult prompt for me because to be honest, I’m not super humble. Or I act like I’m not, I pretend to be super cocky. I used to be very confident, boarder line cocky… but now I mostly just pretend because I think it’s funny. My confidence has dropped down to self conscious most of the time. I was asked in which ways I regularly practice humility. I believe I practice humility by thinking of others before I think of myself. I do this in a lot of really random ways, letting people go ahead of me in traffic or in line at the store. I’m usually not in a hurry, I feel if someone else is, I mines well let them go. I also try to admit when I’m wrong and apologize for my mistakes. Of which I make many. I feel like I also really try to make others happy. If I notice someone is having a bad day, I will try to help them by joking around or asking if they want to talk.

I think there are many ways in which I could be more humble. I think the biggest area I struggle is that I think I’m always right. I feel like I usually am right and people often hate to tell me I am, but eventually they do. See, I can’t even be humble about it right now! It is something I need to work on though because I’m not always right. I shouldn’t think I am, and I need to listen to others more often. I think this would help keep all my relationships stronger. I respect people, but I need to do so even more.

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