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Day 4 65 Poses Challenge

Tonight was more of the same. Bloated, sinus headaches, uncomfortable in my skin. I put off yoga until really late at night, later than I wanted to. I wanted to watch the finale of Survivor - ok, judge me - but it was three hours! So I didn’t get onto my mat until just after 11pm. I know it seems pretty late, and it is, but I’m a night person anyway. I feel calmer, more at peace at nighttime. My window is cracked and I can here all the crickets outside singing their songs. I enjoy exercising before I go to bed. I know many people exercise gives them energy, but after I’m done I’m usually wiped out and want to sleep.

So I got in my room and rolled out my mat and Jobe knocks on the door. He knows I want my hour of time to myself while I meditate and do yoga. Which is another reason I like exercising at night, usually Jobe is in bed. Not tonight. My room is small so my yoga mat rolls out in front of my bedroom door and you can’t open in. He kept trying to come in anyway. Not exactly relaxing to have your son ramming your door into you while trying to find your inner peace. So he poked his head in, “Whatcha doing?” He obviously knew what I was doing, so I sighed at him. “Yoga, Jobe. It’s time for me to relax and unwind.” He proceeded to open the door farther, “can I come in? Can I do it with you?” I wanted to say no to him, but I figured it might be something we could share together. If you know Jobe, you know he’s super hyper. He’s almost always on ten. However, I used to do a guided meditation with him at night time to calm him down and relax him before bed. I figured we could try that again. I put on a meditation video and he sat with me and gave me weird looks every few seconds. He made it through the seven minute video with only a few sentences spoken. After that though, I kicked him out. I just want one hour a day where I can be still in my mind. Where I can reflect on the things that are going on in my life. Think about where I want to go and what I want to be, think about where I came from. So, Jobe joined me for a few minutes and then I carried on, alone.

Today’s pose was Tabletop (Bharmanasana), I usually do lots of poses that start with Tabletop so this was a nice pose for me today. I did a bunch of Cat/Cows, I did opposite arm and legs out in table top, and wagged my tail to warm up and loosen up my spine. I’m still having a hard time with twists and folds because my belly gets in the way, but I’m trying my best. I’m coming to my mat everyday and spending time with myself. I think I’m learning this 21 day yoga challenge is really more about my inner self, seeking things out in my head that I’ve never processed before. My body and my mind are becoming a cohesive unit. I’m enjoying this time of self reflection and growth.

Back to Tabletop, my writing prompt for today is about what I bring to the table. What three things I bring to the world to make it brighter? Dang, this is a hard question for me because I am not a huge fan of tooting my own horn. I don’t feel I’m particularly great at anything really. I’m decent at a bunch of things, but a master of none. Three things, let’s see. I’m a good writer and story teller. People tell me I’m wise, I think I’m pretty wise, but not the wisest. I’ve just had a lot of life experience that has made me able to think in different ways, see problems differently. It’s important to find different ways to solve a problem because if you only try to solve it the way the problem started, you may not be able to fix it. Also, I’m really good at turning a crap situation into a good one. I’ve dealt with a lot of bad shit, if you can’t laugh at your misfortunes it’s very hard to get over them. So I guess that would be the the three things I bring to the table, my writing, my wisdom, and staying positive.

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