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Health Update 8/29/18

I just wanted to give everyone an update... I'm feeling better overall, I do have another empyema (not to be confused with the Empanada). Which is basically little sacks inside my lung that are filled with infection. Seems like the infection is contained within the sacks, but I'm not sure... I guess I ask fewer questions than I used to. *I'm not sure if I like that or not*

Anyway, I slept for a few days and now my flu-like symptoms are completely gone... that's a major plus. I'm needing no oxygen at the moment, even upon exertion. I still have pain in my back from the fluid and the drain they have in, but it's less than it was. Today they are going to try to flush the sacks out with a medicine that will help break things down and make it easier to drain. Once it is fully drained, they will remove the tube.. then hopefully I'll be able to go home on IV antibiotics.

This is my best guess on what will happen based on current discussions and past experiences. They don't tell me much around here until it happens, it's sort of the name of the game. No news is usually good news in a hospital situation like this, patience is the key to being a good patient. (see what I did there?) It's true though, you want a doctor to take their time, it means they read your case, call some people, do some research, ask you questions, do some more research, come up with a plan.. you get the idea. It takes a while to be good at anything. Rushing your health care provider is a silly idea. Unless of course, you're dying. Obviously, most people aren't actually dying though, even if they think they are. Pain is painful, life can be excruciating, but usually, we are not dying. If you are dying; however, be sure to tell your doctor. (see how confusing this is!?) That's why health staff make mistakes, it's a difficult job. Just like most professions, they are overworked and we are all humans, we aren't robots (yet), and we make mistakes. If we want to keep humans around and not be completely taken over by machines, we need to let some shit go and realize all humans make mistakes and stop suing the f*** out of each other. (sorry for the swears, passionate statement.)

I'm literally Crazy-Whitney-Rambling right now. I just had to change this from an Instagram post to a FB post, now I'm changing it again to a blog post. So many words. Alrighty-then, recap; a.) I feel better overall b.) loosen the junk c.) pull the drain d.) home on IV's. Some steps down, some to go. After those things, I'm hoping I can have sinus surgery soon because my sinus headaches are out of control. I'm also sort of hoping clearing out my sinus infection will help with these other infections, but they seem pretty unrelated.

I can't wait to pull this drain because until it's pulled I can't take a real shower. I know I didn't shower for a solid bunch of months, but I feel better now and I just want a shower.

Oh ya! My potassium was low yesterday so I got to eat a bunch of high potassium foods! That was an exciting thing! If ya'll read this post, share this post, like this post... whatever you do with this post. I will update more. It's just a lot to deal with updating everyone when I'm tired and don't feel well. BUT, like I've said before... if you're reading, I'm writing!

Crazy-Whitney-Rambling, again.

As always, thanks for all your love and support!

Much Love,


P.S. My physical therapist just came in. I had to do a six-minute walk test today, I did one back on July 2nd, 2018 and I walked 400 feet. Today I walked just over 1,200 feet! whoop-whoop! Not only that, my o2 stayed at 98-99% the whole time! Progress in any form should feel good. Allow yourself the small pleasures of small achievements and just keep pushing forward.

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