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Time. It's been around for awhile. According to Google, the first device made to tell time was invented by the Egyptians in 1500 B.C, then came the use of a set of 24 stars to separate parts of a day. The concept of a 24 "hour" day didn't come about until 147-127 B.C., based on 12 stars marking night and 12 stars marking daylight on equinox days. After that, the base of 60 for minutes and seconds was implemented, but no one actually knows why a sexagesimal system was created.

One day I noticed that time is the root of a lot of my stress. I need to go to bed at 10:00 so I can wake up at 6:00 to be on the bus at 7:00 to get to school before 7:45. I watch the clock until I get to leave school at 2:05. When I get home at 3:00, I have two hours to do homework and eat dinner before I have to leave again for work at 5:00. I get home at 9:00, so I have one hour to shower and finish my homework if I didn't finish it earlier. If my homework still doesn't get done, I can try to do it in between classes tomorrow. Then the cycle starts over.

Although time is a very real thing that everyone abides by, I didn't like that my life was completely controlled by an intangible being. Obviously, I understand the importance of time, as we need it to dictate our schedules, but I thought that maybe, just sometimes, is not worth it to be so stressed out by how much time I have? Now my question for you: would life be less stressful if the division of time didn't exist?

Think of it like this, everyone has had homework at some point during their lives. Would you rather do one HARD math problem that takes you an hour, or hundreds of EASY math problems that takes you three hours? You'd rather do the hard problem, why? Because if you do the hundreds of easy problems, maybe you won't make it to work or soccer practice on time, or maybe you won't get as much free time to watch tv as you wanted, or maybe you can't even finish them because you just don't have that much extra time in your day.

Now, I'm going to paint a picture of a world without the division of time: You wake up when you're ready; naturally, everyone wakes up sometime during the daylight. You go to work, you have the amount of work that needs to be done that day on your desk. You do everything that needs to be done and then you go home. You do whatever you want until you get tired; naturally, everyone gets tired when it's dark. Then you go to bed.

I know that is overly simplified, but doesn't it sound less stressful to you? Wait, hold on. Nobody actually lives that way though. Wrong. You have lived days like this before, or at least you should've, maybe when you were a kid, or on vacation, or on Saturdays, and aren't those the least stressful times of your life? I have the liberty to live this way most days. I wake up when I want, do my school work, hang out and do what I want, and then go to bed when I'm tired; everything is done without looking at a clock. The days that I don't do this are the two days a week that I work and days that I have to meet someone somewhere, which isn't too often.

The point of this blog isn't to try and convince everyone to give up time altogether because that just does not make sense and would make the world very confusing. But what I am trying to do it to make you think about your own lives. How often are you stressed out by the constrictions of time? I encourage you to live without it as much as you can, even if that just means not looking at the clock when you can't fall asleep, because I promise you, as you watch that clock tick, you'll stress yourself out with simply just how many hours of sleep you'll get that night.

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