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Title: Giant Ant Hill Excavated

This video was shown to us by Dana Zewiey. I found it incredibly interesting! Thank you, Dana!

Ten tons of cement poured into an ant hill to discover exactly what they look like from under ground. I found this phenomenal, and since that is in our title.. I tend to want to share things that are phenomenal. What an incredible discovery to see what an ant city looks like. It’s beauty in nature, it’s amazing to see how they work together like humans do. And it’s kind of terrifying to know that there is one million ants per one human on the earth. How much do ant minds connect? Collectively is their brain strong enough to overtake humans? It’s a crazy sci-fi movie from the 80’s thought, but what if ants are smarter than we think? This underground ant city spans over 160 square feet and is over 26 feet deep. That’s a big space for humans, let alone ants. Luckily they prefer the ground where we can’t live so they don’t want our space, they just want to live under our feet. I hope...

#science #architecture #anthillexcavated #scifi

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