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Letter from a dying 24-year-old

Advice from a dying 24-Year-Old

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and read the letter.. This man gets it, too late to change his life. Maybe that sounds harsh, but it's reality. If we cannot be truthful with ourselves about reality than we minds well be living as robots, much as the article makes life sound like. When we are not mindful and present in our bodies, we are not living. I can attest for that. People often feel sorry for me because of my disease, but the truth is.. I often feel badly for people who don't realize they are also dying. We all are dying and the sooner we all begin living like it - the happier we will all be. As odd as that may sound. Wisdom comes from the knowledge of living and experiences, I believe I am lucky to have learned wisdom from a young age because I was aways told I would not live. I was born with health problems, in fact I was born very sick, and if I can find happiness - than so can you. (Advice from a dying 29-year-old)

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