The Only God is Death

In Game of Thrones, Season one Episode six, Syrio says to Arya "The only God is death and to death we say, 'not today'." I believe he is right, death is the god we do not understand, the god we are afraid of, the god we try to cheat everyday; however, death always wins in the end. Death takes all of us, big or small, rich or poor, we are powerless to avoid it. I think this is one of the first speeches in this show that started winning me over to it's writing and dropping some major wisdom bombs on me. This scene that I didn't go much into today, has always really resonated with me.

When you are aware that death may come sooner for you than for anyone else your age, you begin to live harder, love stronger, and think deeper than most. You become appreciative for every day, you are willing to have more fun than others doing simple things, you embrace everything this world has to offer. After my stint on earth.. Who knows where my spirit, my soul, or my existence will be after I leave.. I don't think I believe we all wink out. I don't believe in much of an after life either, I don't believe in heaven or hell. That's the scary thing about death though, we don't know. It is an unknown only those privileged with death get to find out. Maybe we go to another reality or realm, maybe we stay here unbound by any human limitations. Maybe there is no more Whitney, just a new person born with all of my wisdom from my previous life, but no knowledge of me. Maybe that is where wisdom comes from. To be wise in this life you have to have experiences that teach you knowledge and understanding. I've heard it theorized that someone can be wise from a past-life. I find theorizing about what happens after death to be very interesting, I find it to be a mind building exercise if you allow yourself the freedom to come up with many crazy ideas. I do not believe we need to be beholden to one idea and I definitely do not believe death is a taboo subject. Everyone will die, everyone will know someone who has died. I believe it is important to talk about death and more importantly to teach others how to live before they die.

I will put off meeting death as long as possible, everyday I will say, 'not today'. Every moment where it seems easier to stop fighting and give in to death, I will push myself further. I teach myself to fight for the things I believe in, and living is one of my most major goals right now - however odd that may sound. Everyday I will fight against death until I cannot win, but my fight will always be proud, strong, courageous.. I will never back down from the fight.