The Ominous "They"

I wrote this back in February of 2016, as an update..I believe if nothing worse comes from this Trump presidency - we will definitely go down in history as a bunch of idiots for electing him. Myself included, I am part of this great country, it's ups, it's downs.. they fall on all of us. We are a team here in America, and lately... I don't believe we are acting much like one. We need to pull our heads out of our asses and realize that while we are all fighting amongst ourselves, some real shit is happening behind our backs. They want us fighting with each other so we have no energy left over to fight "them". The ominous "them" everyone speaks of. Whoever they are in your mind, think about how we are all one nation.. we thrive and we fail together. Let's at least try a little harder to get along with out friends, family, and neighbors.

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program:

Feb 21, 2016

How incredibly exciting and humbling we have the POWER to be looked back upon in 50-100 years and have been the generation that either destroys or fixes this country?

People get too caught up in words. I'd pick a democratic-socialist over a fascist any day. It's funny because fascist was auto corrected to racist. And my phone wasn't completely wrong.

It's funny the corporations have turned socialism into a taboo word. They're the ones who have taken control by their own means, they own the factories, they own the wealth, they own the companies.. And they won't give any of it away unless they are forced to.

A democratic socialist realizes the danger in allowing "too big to fail".

I'm gonna quote Trump here and say, I understand why my poorly educated friends don't like the word; however, if you knew what was going on in the world, and knew how it started. You wouldn't want the power of wealth and the amount of income inequality that comes with no government regulations.

I promise you, you wouldn't. Because I don't know any 1%ers. I've known a few billionaires and god they acted as if they were better than everyone around them, they treated everyone as if they are a pawn in their game. I cannot say all 1%ers are like this, but I've seen some and got the impression from many I don't know personally. They don't like those who aren't impressed by their money, those who won't do what they say, and they were not kind hearted people - again there are always exceptions.

Look at North Korea, look at China, look at India. The amount of wealth and income inequality in those three countries alone is disgusting, it's frightening, it's appalling, and it's ever so slowly happening here.

Before you agree or disagree, do the research.. Because there is one thing I try to do, and that is be informed.

The reality of the world scares the ever living shit out of me, the difference between myself and most others? I want to live scared, because only then will I force myself to change and try to spread awareness.

I've watched this documentary numerous times, and I will continue to watch it every time I slip back into the false reality that America is different. America isn't different, greed is everywhere. And wealth and greed can be a horribly tragic combination.

The story about India is eye opening, but it's the second or third clip in this episode. They're all interesting, but the part about the slums and billionaires in India that make the point I'm trying to make.