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Transgender Youth by Gianna Toboni

This actually changed my view on transgender. I believe that it acceptable to be whoever they want, and I do not know how it feels to feel like I’m in the wrong body. Scientifically, biologically, we are male and female. There are a whole list of identifiers scientifically which tell whether an animal is a male or a female. The most obvious one being a penis versus a vagina. This went into the mind of a child who feels a certain way, and man do I sympathize with them even though I don’t fully understand. I know that before we are a fertilized we have the capability to be fertilized with a male or female sperm, but do the male sperms swim to female eggs? Sex actually isn’t given, a fetus does not grow a penis or vagina for a few weeks or months after fertilized. Does nature ever mess up and put us in the wrong body? After watching these kids, I feel like we might. It shows the older we get the further our hormones change us into one sex or the other. Can we stop or revert those changes to make the mind, body, and genetics to match? I don’t know, but I do hope we can figure it out. After a male is fully formed as a male hormonally, it’s hard to revert the changes… but if someone can make you believe they are the opposite sex than they were born, should you still insist on calling them their biological sex? I don’t know, that’s a decision you have to make. However, before you make a decision, educate yourself.

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