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podcast drawing of whit and lex
Let's get philosophical and cause a phenomenon!

The Philosophical Phenomenon is an idea idea that we can all sit down and have a discussion. That everyone has a story to tell, that everyone has a philosophy, everyone deserves to be heard - even if we may feel they are wrong, we need to understand how they feel. Through our podcasts we give people our full attention, we talk to them and hear what they have to say. Often we want to hear multiple sides of the same story, so we will have different guests on to talk about similar things. It's important to listen to each other and learn from each other. Through our blogs, videos, and photos we will share our experiences with you and you can share your experiences with us! We are cousins who want to ask questions, we want to see the world, we want to share ideas, spread awareness, learn all we can. Basically, we want to get philosophical and cause a phenomenon!

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